Fawad Khans drastic body transformation for Maula Jatt


Fawad Khan is now back in Pakistan after making his mark in India for his acting and good looks. After his return, the actor is now focusing on Pakistani film industry and he is playing lead role in a film directed by Bilal Lashari.

Fawad Khan is preparing for Lashari’s sequel of film “Maula Jatt”. Recently, a picture was posted by fellow actor Mikaal Zulfiqar in which he and Fawad are seen after a workout and the looks show a clear transformation for the star. In all the recent pictures of Fawad Khan, he looks quite bigger than normal.

Bilal said during a previous interview that there is lot more in the film than just physical appearance and people will surprise to see Fawad as Maula Jatt and Hamza Ali Abbasi as Noori Nath.

He added that he is not remaking the classic ‘Maula Jatt’ with his upcoming film but it will be a completely different story. All the characters have been reinvented and there is no copy of Sultan Rahi in this film.





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