Fighter Drone to Destroy Drone with Shotgun



Fighter Drone to Destroy Drone with Shotgun

Moscow, Russia has invented such a drone equipped with shotgun, which can target the drone by going near after the Kalashnikov drone. This drone can target its prey from near in the air. Fighter Drone to Destroy Drone with Shotgun.

According to International new agency, the Russian arms manufacturing company, Almazantay has introduced such drone after its Kalashnikov drone, which is equipped with shotgun and it flies in the air like any airplane and it has the capability to destroy the drone of the enemy country by firing over it.

Fighter Drone to Destroy Drone

The students of Moscow Aviation Institute have designed this drone and it has two wing and a tail and Uepr-12 automatic shot gum is equipped with it, which has 10 rounds and this drone is made just like the drone, which is used for mining, agriculture and hunting.

The arms manufacturing company, Almazantay works for the Ministry of Defense of Russia and it has designed this drone for Russia. They have shared the video of the plane like drone equipped with shot gun on the website of Russian Ministry of Defense. When you watch the video of this surprising invention, you will be surprised.

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