Find Out If The CIA Can Hack You Guide


WikiLeaks is an organization known for publishing secret and classified information through anonymous sources. Recently, the organization has claimed that CIA is using spy tools through which it is hacking most of computers and mobile devices and also few smart TV sets.

Through such tools, your devices are turned in to recorders that can inform about your daily life to the hackers.

The network of CIA is so complicated that it even hacks small routers including those installed by PTCL and you can view the image given below to confirm this.

“Am I Vulnerable?”

Everyone will be considering about his/her security and whether one can be hacked by CIA or not. Following are few points through which you can know that whether you are vulnerable to hacking by CIA or not.

  1. 1.      You are reading this article

This article is available on internet for which you are using a device like a PC, mobile phone or tablet thorough which you can be traced and tracked.

  1. 2.      You use a mobile device

By using a mobile device, you are directly and immediately became tracked by this hacking and you can easily share your private information through online medium.

  1. 3.      Mobile phones made after 2003

You can be affected if you are using a mobile phone made after 2003. You can easily find the year of manufacturing your mobile phone by using internet.

  1. 4.      Wi-Fi Laptops

You can know about specifications of your laptop that whether it is “Wi-Fi” or not. Through this function, you laptop can be connected to wireless internet and it makes you vulnerable. But you can take step against this problem by using Ethernet cable after which you will not be required to use Wi-Fi.

  1. 5.      Affected Area

It is difficult to find any area not affected by this CIA hacking. It is only possible if you are living somewhere on the earth not under the rule of CIA.

  1. 6.      Everyone is NOT affected!

The things presented above shows that perhaps everyone is affected by this widespread hacking effort of CIA. The only case you can’t be affected by this hacking is if someone not born at the current time.

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