First Robot Coach to Teach Table Tennis


Tokyo, The Japanese Company has prepared the latest and modern robot, which can be called table tennis teaching robot. This robot teaches the table tennis game to the human player and it changes itself looking at the player. It also gives very useful suggestions to the player to make him expert in his game.

Firstly, it was introduced in the Sataic Electronics Show in 2014 in Japan and now the software of human memory is improved. The objective of the robot is that to present the analysis of the sensor technology and it also got the certificate of the first table tennis coaching root by the Guinness Book of World Record.

The robot watches the human player with great skill and it plays the strokes according to its movements and it also notes the speed and direction of the ball. According to the engineers, it can understand the human game with 90% accuracy and it organizes itself according to its movements. If the player is new and slow, then it also plays with great care. But if the player is playing quickly, then robot also throws the ball with the same speed and nobody can forecast because it plays the shot unexpectedly.

The mind and heart of the robot are two sensors and they note the ball and the third sensor note the movements of the opponent. There is a modern controller, which notes the speed of the ball one thousand times in a second. In this way, it shows the reaction quickly and it plays the immediate stroke. The software of the artificial intelligence gives its training to throw the ball on the right place, which is accurate to 5 cm. this whole scene is appeared on the screen and the learning players can watch it and they can train themselves.

The main engineer, who is working on this project, says that this robot is giving training to human beings and after 20 years, it will become able to give training and transfer the skills to other robots.




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