Fuel Free Bikes in Pakistan


Pakistan is going to witness the introduction of the fuel free electric bikes in the country in the coming few months. The company makes the impact on the bike section of automobile sector of Pakistan. The firm, Jolta International is based in Bahria Town Rawalpindi and it has displayed three E-bikes in Gwadar and the E-bikes are introduced with use of electric rechargeable batteries to run up to 80-100 kilometers. The cost of the full recharge of batteries is around Rs.20 and it is sufficient for 6-8 hours.

E-bike will be added with the alarm, keyless start, automatic locks, digital meter and disc brakes. The company claims that his bike will be available in the market in 70cc, 100 cc and 125 cc and price of the motorcycles are also varied. The company claims that E-bikes will be environmental friendly, smoke free and noise free.


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