Full HD Shoot under water, using Sony Xperia ZR


Sony Xperia ZR is an Android Phone that offers a unique feature of making videos under water, you will be thinking how you can do this but with Xperia ZR that is water resistant till a depth of 5 feet. When we talk about making videos it means in the fresh water though Xperia ZR can be taken to sea area while you are diving, it really will enhance the user experience of Android Phone especially when the summer is just arriving, wow. Other phones are similar to the Xperia ZR and the features are alike but Sony Xperia ZR is designed especially for those who love to get in to the water and want to take pictures and videos of high quality. It is expected that Sony Xperia ZRwill be available globally in the 2nd quarter of 2013 in white and black colors, there is yet any confirmation regarding its price.

Sony Xpepria ZR

Sony Xpepria ZR

For more information about Sony Xperia ZR`s specs click on following links.




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