Gangnum Style no More Most Watched Video on YouTube


Gangnum Style of the South Korean singer, Saai has been the most watched video on the YouTube for last five year. Now this song has been replaced by the video of the new song, ‘See You Again’ on the YouTube. The US singers Charlie Poth and Viz Khalifa have sung this song and they paid the tributes to the Hollywood actor of the leading Hollywood movie, Fast and the Furious, Paul Walker, who was died in the car accident.
The video of Gangnum Style was watched two billion 89 crore 44 lac 26 thousand and 475 times on the YouTube, while the video of the song, ‘See You Again’ was watched by 2 billion, 89 crore, 53 lac 73 thousand and 709 times on the YouTube. The singer said that he shared his song on the YouTube in 2007 and he seemed that it would be a dream that his video would be watched about 10,000 times. Now he got know that his song was watched by two billions times.
He also said that he shared his song in 2015 and within 6 months after the release, it has been watched about one billion times and now this song has been watched over two billions in September last year. Now on the chart of YouTube, the most watched video is ‘See You Again’, the song ‘Gangnum Style’ is on the second position while song, Sorry of Justin Bieber is on the third position.

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