Get Driving License in 5 Minutes at Clifton Karachi


The new driving license branch has started working in Clifton, Karachi and the IG Sindh Police has also inaugurated the new driving license branch at Saleem Vahidy auditorium.

The agreement was signed between the National Bank of Pakistan and the National Database Registration Authority and the government during the inauguration ceremony and it will ensure the submission of the driving license, the license shipments to the drivers and the software up-gradation with the relevant courier companies. In this ceremony, the Head of Business Services Division of Jazz Cash, IG of Sindh Police and president of NBP attended the ceremony.

In order to facilitate the project, Jazzcash and NBP will provide facility in the payment of the driving license fee across Sindh province. The drivers, who will apply for the new learning license or those apply for the license renewals, they will be able to pay their fees through their Jazzcash mobile accounts or agents. Previously, the payment was made through the Pakistan Post.

The new license branch will eliminate the agent mafia, which were operating at different license branches and they will help in controlling the fake license. The IG Police said that the drivers will not go through the lengthy documentation process and the whole new system is digital. This new system will ensure that the agent mafia can no longer operate and people will seek the learner licenses will get direct on their national identity cards. He also informed to the media that this service for the provision of driving licenses will be expanded to other cities of the province.

Fake driving license will be curbed

The new Clifton branch is established for the provision of driving licenses through their speedy process and the drivers will be able to get the learners licenses in less than 5 minutes and the normal driving licenses will take time of 45 minutes. The IG Sindh police also said that mobile licensing has been introduced at the public places like schools, colleges, parks and shopping plazas.


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