Get Huge Storm Electricity by Turbine


Tokyo, The engineers of Japan have prepared the first turbine of its kind, when can prepare the huge amount of electricity through the power of sea storm.

Under the theory of such huge number of turbines can produce plenty of electricity and it can be supplied to Japan for next 50 years with subject to availability of suitable system to store and use this electricity. According to the engineers, who design this turbine that six sea storms were appeared in Japan last year and one group of turbine generator can make so much electricity through the hidden tremendous energy in the storm, which will be enough to meet the 50 years demand of the country the engineer says that the wind energy is very excessive than the solar energy and this is the super power country in terms of wind energy.

The engineer founded the company, ‘Chanlanergy’ in 2013 and he started working on the project to make the specific wind turbine for Japan. He said that the western design is not useful for Japan as they can be destroyed from the fast blowing wind and storms. The trail of the design of this turbine is remaining in the real storm and the turbines are moving on one side and they can be saved destroying in the fast blowing wind.

Before this invention, there is Magnus Effect principle and in which the wind takes anything in its circle from all four sides and moves it quickly and it also puts pressure over it. The turbine moves like petals and the practical was also shown for it. The rod, which is kept in the middle of the turbine has the ability to stop is slowly or completely. Although this energy has 30% benefit, which is 10% less than the common turbine. But the common traditional turbine cannot stay against the storm.

It is to be cleared that staggering energy is hidden in the raging storm, which means half of the electricity used in the whole world. But no practicable plan was presented to produce the electricity.  There is no battery, which is manufactured to control such huge amount of electricity.

Electricity by Turbine

Electricity by Turbine


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