Give Better Health to Kids by Keeping Pet Animals


Alberta, The experts of Canada say that people should keep pet animals at their homes, if they want to keep their children healthy. The families need to keep any pet animals at their home and if they keep a dog, then it is best for the health of their children.

The experts of the diseases of the children in University of Alberta carried out a detailed study of the 746 newly born babies, their parents and the environment of their homes for three years and they found that there two particular and useful germs are present in their homes. If they have any pet animal in their home, then the number of useful germs is in excessive quantity. The general condition of the health in these homes is also analyzed.

When the study was conducted, it was found that the hoes, which have at least one pet animals, (especially dog). The number of the useful germs is enough and the percentage of the sick people in such homes is also very less than the homes, which do not have any pet animal. The useful effects of the pet animals are visible greatly on the young age children and they remained safe from different diseases and their obesity was also controlled.

The experts said that the useful germs are present in these pet animals and the health of the children remained better by playing with them. The children remained busy with the pet animals for some part of the day and they spend some time in the physical activity. The presence of the pet animals removes the sense of solitude in the children and they have good mental health.

Such a study was also being carried out four years before and only 24 children were taken in this study and the result of that research work was got published in the research journal ‘Micro Bayoume’.


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