Glove Changes Language of Gestures to Written Script


San Diego, The Experts of the University of have prepared such an intelligent glove (smart glove), which the dumb people can wear and they can change their gestures into words. Most of the people from us cannot understand the gestures of the dumb people and now they can use ‘the language of the glove’ glove and they can read the language of gestures in the written form. This is the reason that the elastic gloves are added with very sensitive sensors, which understand the language of gesture and they show their language in the form of words.
Although, many tools and gloves are made before this, which show the language of gesture in the form of sound and words but they need some additional hardware. The hearing gloves are added with 9 elastic sensors, which mean two sensors for each finger and one sensor for the thumb. The electronic circuit is added on the wrist, which arranges the words according to the language of gesture, which is used in America.
When the fingers of the gloves are turned, then the electric resistance is increased or decreased. When the finger becomes straight, then it registers the binary system 0 while changing the finger, the binary system notes 1. The nine sensors make the 9 digital code, which show a special word. If A has the code of 011111111, it means that thumb is straight and remaining fingers are turned.
When these instructions are sent to the circuit board, it turns the binary code into the English alphabet. This glove is prepared with very less expenses. You can make slight changes in it and it can be used as robot arm, medical and military purposes. The leading inventor of this glove said that they will use this smart glove for the virtual reality. But it is prepared to give the sound to the dumb people.

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