Google Holding YouTube Launch Event in Pakistan


Google does not have physical presence but this company is operating in Pakistan actively and this company is holding the launch of YouTube later this month. The details show that the launch of YouTube through Google will take place in Karachi on 28 September 2016 and it is hoping to get the digital community of the country.

YouTube has been banned in Pakistan for three and half year and now this ban was lifted earlier this year, which Google launched the localized version of YouTube for the users of Internet in Pakistan. It is also said that Google is aiming at the official launch of YouTube in Pakistan and Google is hoping to engage the marketers, content creators and brands to increase the community of YouTube in Pakistan where the website was blocked when the internet was growing and facebook with two other video sharing websites, which are grabbing good chunk of share from the YouTube.

Internet picked up rapidly during 2012-15, when YouTube was banned in Pakistan

When YouTube was banned in Pakistan during 2012-2015, then internet grew its business in Pakistan and it was the crucial time for the internet companies. Due to ban, YouTube did not take the advantage of this quickly growing the network across Pakistan. Now Google is making efforts to engage the community for the content creators. There are different big media stars in Pakistan like Comics by Arsalan, Zaid Ali T and Sham Idrees etc used facebook to upload their videos and acts and YouTube remained ban in Pakistan.

They have established the specific following on facebook and what YouTube wants to change with the events that are planned later this month. YouTube is selling its inventory in Pakistan and it is trying to increase the visibility to get engage more brands, companies and the advertisers for the sales.

Google wants to engage content creators who are otherwise more active on Facebook 

Google has already started selling of its inventory in Pakistan but they do not have an office and they do not pay any tax or legal liabilities in Pakistan. Google has already sold its YouTube Homepage banner to Pakistani companies directly for $3500 to $5000 per day.

The YouTube homepage banner can be booked directly through the representative of Google and it cannot be purchased through adwords or through any other online portal. Google is selling its inventory in Pakistan but it did not pay any tax in Pakistan. We need to see the legal status of the sale and promotion events of the companies to make money out of Pakistan and they do not pay any tax.

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