Google Lists 5 Reasons for Foreign Investment in Pakistan


Pakistan investment

Pakistan investment

The Head of Large Customer Marketing of Google for South Asia, Lars Anthonisen described that Pakistan is the emerging digital first country, which will prove to be the good investment place for the overseas investors.

He got published his blogpost on Google and he has listed five reasons that make Pakistan the ideal country for the digital companies to invest their amount in this country.

Rapidly Growing Population

The first reason for the Google marketing high up is that Pakistan is rapidly growing country, which will become the fifth largest population of the world. There is about 40% of the population, which lives in the cities and they can have the direct access to the internet.

Entrepreneurs Contributing Big

Lars has made the argument that Pakistan would become the fourth fastest growing economy by 2030 and the entrepreneurship of the country is getting the ground and it will play the significant role in the economy of the country.

Rapid Increase of Mobile Phone Users

Lars has exposed the fact that over 59 million people in Pakistan are the users of the mobile phone and he expects that the numbers to grow in near future as the prices of mobile phone have gone down in the country. The internet data prices are lowered down and the usage of the mobiles apps is also increasing. He also said that massive chunk of the YouTube users comes from Pakistan.

Penetration of Internet

The head of Google said that despite of overall internet penetration in Pakistan at 22% there are 44.6 million users out of 200 million population, the digital consumption in the country is still proliferating. He also said that YoyTube watch time in the country has grown to 60% over last three years.

Investment of China in CPEC

The officials of Google have belief that the investment of China in CPEC project to lay 820 kilometers of fiber optic cable, which will connect more and more people to the internet. He also advises the digital companies and the entrepreneurs to leave the mark on the growing online market of Pakistan to get the endless opportunities, which can be offered to the investors.

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