Google Maps for Game Developers


Google map

Google map

The game developers will get the Google Maps so that they can have access to map data. The games like Pokemon Go will be very easy to make.

If you do not live under rock, you must have heard about the Pokemon Go and how it turned the surroundings into the playground. It is used with AR based map and the users had to move around to play this game. The developers can compile the map data and it is used in the game and it is surely not real time and not good you compare to Google Maps. It makes such a game with lot of resources and efforts.

Dev Kits for Easy Access

The developers will have face the issue as Google has decided to make the real time data public of platform of Google and it is opened to all of the developers. The tech giant will offer the software development kits for the developers to use the data easily to make the games around them. The kits will translate the Map data into game engines like Unity to make the process easier.

Add Real Life Objects to Games

The developers will start convert real buildings and landmarks within the map data into 3D objects and it is manipulated when it is needed. The real building can be turned into safe house or point of interest and it can trigger the event, which is given in the game.

It will allow the developers to concentrate on the designing of their games and e game play rather than writing the codes to develop the map foundation for game. The creators will develop more real time location games in different sizes and expertise.

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