Google Video Calling App Achieves Huge Success


Google’s video calling app “Google Duo” has started getting huge success soon after its release and it has been downloaded in more than 50 million smartphoens and tablets in just 7 days.

This app, released on 15th August, is for both Android and iPhone and its sole purpose is to make video calling easy and fast with good quality. Due to this reason, the interface of Google Duo is quite simple. After installation, it doesn’t require any username or password but it only need your phone number. 2 persons can talk to each other via video call through this app. Its default video quality is 720 pixels while it can be installed in modern tablet apart from smartphone.

There is no facility of conference call in it as it is designed solely for video conversation between two people but it can work well in basic internet connection also. Its simple interface is quite easy to use and it has a feature “Knock Knock”. Through this feature, you can see the face of caller and then can decide to either receive the call or not.

In this service, the importance is given on the factor that the call would not disconnect once it starts for which its video quality reduces automatically in case of slow internet connection. But it has a problem, you can’t close its video which means only video call is possible.

Google has also worked to secure the call of ‘Google Duo’ by using best encryption technology through which no third person can hear the conversation between two persons of this service through internet. This app can be downloaded without any cost from ‘Google PlayStore’.

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