Government Decides Lifting of Ban on YouTube After Eid


The government of Pakistan has decided to remove ban on the YouTube after Eid, which has been ban throughout Pakistan for last many months.

The Federal Minister for Telecom and IT, Anusha Rehman has said that they have formed a committee to look into matter and decide how to remove the ban on YouTube. It is also discussed that committee will ensure the blockage of all objectionable material and it is made inaccessible to be viewed in Pakistan. But it is not made clear that how they can block the unpleasant material to the viewership of the country.

It is worth mentioning that Pakistan telecommunication Authority has showed its inability to remove the data or block the unpleasant material being show in the country. Pakistan government requested Google to remove or make inaccessible the content and materials in Pakistan but it did not respond the request.

Now the government has showed their interest that they can open YouTube after being ensured for the blockage of all unpleasant material to be shown in Pakistan. The government has already announced that they will take all stakeholders into confidence before opening the YouTube in the country.

YouTube Logo

YouTube Logo

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