Govt Invites PayPal, Amazon and Ebay for Operations in Pakistan Soon: Anusha


Anusha Rehman, Minister of State for IT and Telecom says that government is going to invite PayPal, Ebay and Amazon to start their operations in Pakistan. She held a press conference, which was organized by GSMA in Islamabad and said Pakistan is going to make the pre-requisite regulatory arrangements for the global tech companies to come and start their working here.

Anusha also said that Pakistan was in the white list of FATF and Pakistan has accepted the internationally accepted anti money laundering and financing standards of counter terrorism, as these were not available previously.

Pakistan was entered in the grey list maintained by FATF (Financial Action Task Force) and they blocked the working of the global tech companies, in which Amazon & PayPal was included, now they can start their operations in Pakistan.

Anusha Rahman Minister of State for IT & Telecom

Anusha also said that State Bank of Pakistan is functioning with partners to open payment gateway in Pakistan. Government is working for the preparation of the framework for e-commerce for the resolution of disputes. It also addresses the rights of the consumers and other procedural & mechanical working of the e-commerce industry.

Minister of State also said that Ministry of Commerce would lead the working on the regulatory framework for the e-commerce industry. State Bank of Pakistan and Ministry of IT will support in formulation of the protocols, which are necessary for the e-commerce industry.

She further added that the relevant department is working for the preparation of the framework and it will be completed in few weeks & they will help in addressing the current issues and challenges of the e-commerce industry. Pakistan will also invite the global tech companies to start their working and operations in Pakistan. In these global tech companies, PayPal, Amazon and eBay are included.

Amazon, PayPall, Ebay Services

Ms Rehman further said that her government is making every possible effort to take the positive measures and take the incremental steps in every direction, which can ensure that ICT is using all out efforts to contribute in the economic growth of the country. This technology will help to bring change and advancement in the lifestyle of the common man. The direction of the working is set and a lot of work has to be done and the shareholders will work together to get their desired goals.

She said that people of Pakistan want to become the strategic partners in the ecosystem to spur the economic growth to get the ultimate knowledge based economy.

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