Grapes Save from Depression





New York city, According to the scientists, a compound is found in grapes, which can help in reducing the depression to the lowest level. This chemical compound helps in bearing the mental tension and on the other side, it can normalize the mental changes caused by the depression. If the ingredients found in different kinds of grapes and their seeds and they are used after mixing with each other, then the depression caused by the mental tension can be reduced.

According to the experts, 50% of the medicines, being used for the depression and mental tension are not found effect and soon after their giving up their use, the patient suffers with the depression once again. The expert of neurology in the Mount Senai University located in New York, Galio Mariapaise Netty and his team worked on the substitute method of the treatment of depression and they used some of the compounds derived from grapes. Before this, the matter, Polyphenols found in the grapes were found useful but no one knew their effects on the brain.

This team got separated three different polyphenols from the grapes and they gave it to the rats suffered from the depression and they got published the results of the research work in the journal, ‘Nature Communications’. The matter derived from different grapes was given the name of ‘Bio active Dietary Polyphenol Preparation (BDPP). The BDPP was passed through the metabolism process to make two new phytochemicals and they were tried.

Then these products were tried on the rats suffered from the depression and the rats got well to bear the depression well and they started get well quickly. The inflammation in their bodies was reduced and the connection between the mental tissues got better. It is also found from this research work that the best treatment of depression is present in the grapes. It is also revealed through this research work that there are other treatments of depression, which can be found effective.

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