Hair Transplant Mishap with Sajid Hassan


sajid hassan

sajid hassan


Hair transplant mishap with Sajid Hassan, the famous and renowned actor, Sajid Hassan posted the video message on the social media and he holds the important message to the general public.
Sajid Hassan revealed in the video message that he decided to go for the hair transplant and his friend, who is also a doctor, has been pleading him for last 9 years that he should undergo the hair transplant. He showed the reluctance and after that he decided to go for the hair transplantation. If he knew the consequences of the hair transplant, then he would never undergo this process.

Sajid told them two months ago that he is ready to undergo the hair transplant and the doctor started the process of the hair transplantation but he did not do the initial tests. He said that he did not know about the tests that need to be conducted before going to surgery and the doctor did not mention these tests. He trusted on his doctor and this blind trust took him to the huge trouble. On the next day, he fell sick and suffered from the high fever. The doctor assured him that everything was fine. The condition of the head did not get well in the next 15 days and the doctor kept on washing his head with the saline water and he did not give any other treatment to him

Two months after feeling the pain, he finally disclosed this horrible case of the hair transplant mishap and he showed the current condition of his head and it shows that it is the work of any non professional person. He shared the important message to the people in his video message that people should consult with the professional for such treatments rather than relying on the non professional persons. Now he is sick and he is suffering from consequences of the horrible mishap and his family is also disturbed with his mishap..

We should consult with the professionals and talk to the specialist doctor about the situation, before undergoing the sensitive procedures and people should not have blind trust on anyone.

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