HEC Holds Aptitude Test for Admission in Undergraduate Programs


Higher Education Commission Pakistan was set up for grant of admission in the higher classes and the students get the admission in the higher classes after passing the aptitude test. HEC seeks the support of the universities in government and private sector for successful launch of the test. HEC has informed the vice chancellors, deans and the heads of the universities to get their confirmation or permission of the ‘Education Testing Council’, which is backed by the HEC to organize the test during fall semester 2017.

The higher education commission manages the testing service free of cost for the candidates and they will organize the admission in 5 disciplines and the registration procedure will be completed online. ETC will start the admission tests for the undergraduate programs for fall 2017 in 5 big categories like medical, management sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts and humanities and basic and natural sciences. The ETC test will be conducted in all big cities of the country within the institutes of the higher education commission in the fair and transparent way. The ETC will complete the registration process online and the students will choose the test center of their own choice.

Higher education commission asked for the provision of support of the educational institutes to adopt the ETC together with the testing service. The higher education commission will conduct the aptitude test free of cost and they will receive the charges from the government.

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