How Anyone Can Access Private Photos on any iOS 11 Devices


How Anyone Can Access Private Photos on any iOS 11 Devices

How Anyone Can Access Private Photos on any iOS 11 Devices

The new IOS made its launch late in September and the people were so excited about the Apple’s new IOS and iphone.

Since its launch, about 50% of the iphone and iPad users have updated their OS to the latest version.

There are some functions and features in the new IOS and a new defect I the operating system which let anyone access the personal pictures in your mobile.

This defect in the IOS 11 is feared to defect all the running devices with the new version of the software. By the help of few easy steps anyone can access the photos in your mobile running the public IOS 11.0.3 or the beta IOS 11.1.

The more dangerous thing is that within a minute anyone can access your mobile’s personal photos and videos.

This is not the only security issue that the IOS brings.

Testing The New iOS 11 Bug

To get into someone’s phone you need to call on their iphone and when the phone is ringing tap on the message icon and it will show the list of auto replies messages.

And at the bottom there is a custom message e option, click on it and the message app pops up offering you to text and multiple emojis.

After that select 3 emojis randomly and ask Siri to open the settings. Siri is smart and will ask the user to first unlock the phone.

You can call again and this time Siri gives up and when you hang up the call to the victim’s phone, then you access his/her photos in the message bar.

This is a serious problem the fact is that millions of people are using IOS 11 all over the world and the same you tuber has contacted the apple and told them about the issue and the apple company is expected to solve the issue soon unless the company decides to ignore a major defect again.

Everyone is till then warned to be alert until the apple sends a new update regarding this problem. There have been other IOS breaches too that has put your iphone to risk.

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