How to apply for Germany Student Visa 2017


It is growing trend among the students, that they complete their graduation and they get admission in the foreign universities to complete their higher education. Germany has good educational facilities and most of the students preferred this country to get admission in its universities. The students have to apply for visa so that they can get study visa of Germany and go there to get further education and pursue for good job in their professional life.

study visa

study visa

Procedure for applying visa 2017:

  • The students have to provide the proof that they have applied for admission in the universities and the students can have the proof to apply for grant of visa & they can be eligible to get admission in the relevant course.
  • Germany offer different visas like tourist visa, which can also be converted into the student visa and the students have to look for the preceding visa.
  • International students can apply for the study visa and they need to meet the certain rules and regulations and these are included with:
  • The language course visa, which cannot be converted into study visa because it is valid for the duration of any certain course.
  • If the student is not enrolled in the University, his student visa is valid for three months. When the students get admission in the University, their student visa would be converted in the permanent residing visa, which can be possible from the foreign affairs.
  • The student visa needs to attach the financial support certificate along with the admission proof, which is valid for one year.

Document translation into German is also required for getting visa of German.

Documents required for student visa:

  1. Students possess valid passport.
  2. Students must provide passport size photographs.
  3. Students provide entitlement of admission in university, which is recognized in Germany (usually needs high school certificate or diploma of graduation exams).
  4. Students provide evidence of academic record of previous classes
  5. Students must attach financial support proof for one year.
  6. The students must provide the notification of the admission issued from the university, which is required to attach with the application of study visa in Germany.
  7. The students have to submit their visa application to German Embassy or in the Consulate office located in the country of residence.

Essential Documents required for traveling to Germany as student visa:

  • Posses with student visa
  • Students must posses with passport or equivalent document.
  • Original certificate or original translated document in German language
  • If student is international, then he must posses with medical certificate from qualified medical doctor or note from doctor showing illness and any type of vaccination certificate.
  • Passport size photographs or copy of CNIC card

Visa cost:

  • The student has to pay cost of visa for his single entry, which is $36 and for the multiple entry, he has to pay $54.

The students can do the job of pizza delivery and the cleaning jobs and these jobs are provided to them for limited time period and not for the entire life. Now the students can get information to get visa for Germany as a student.

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    i have passed the masters in Economics and i am interested to further studies in germany and i am interested to go without ielts then tell me if you can help me or guide me thanks

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