How to get free study visa for Italy from Pakistan 2016 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)


Most of the students want to complete their higher education in well reputed universities. They seek admission in the foreign universities and go there to complete their education at the higher level. When they know about the universities and their admission criteria, they apply to get admission. They contact with the universities to get admission in their desired subjects and apply for student visa from the concerned government. Here is some of useful information about study visa, which are provided to the students, so that they can complete their education after attending their classes. But the students need to meet some requirements, which are demanded from them under the rules and regulations of the respective government. The students should read these instructions & rules and regulations to get study visa for Italy, so that they should follow them to complete their education.

student visa

student visa

How to get free study visa for Italy from Pakistan 2016 (Forms, Fee, Consultants)

Student Visa details for free studies in Italy:

Italy Government has set up its Italy Commission of Education and Cultural Exchange and it has announced the free abroad studies for Pakistani students to complete their education in Italy and US government also started the free education for the undergraduates. The students can join these education programs for free and easy.

The students can get the details about the program by making contact on this number or they can visit the website, which is uploaded with different programs of study.

Phone: +39(0)6-48-88-211

Address: Castel fidardo 8, 00185 Rome, Italy

Fax: +39(0)6-48-15-680

The students can also know about the well-reputed educational institutes or universities, which are busy in imparting quality education to the students. The students can complete their education and they can also get sufficient benefits for the study from these educational institutes. The list of the institutes and universities is given below:

  • International School for Advanced Studies
  • Politecnico di Torino
  • Universita di Cagliari
  • Perugia University
  • University of Catania

The students should know about the above-mentioned educational institutes and universities and these are related with different educational fields.

  • The students can get the opportunities for education at PhD, postgraduate and undergraduate studies in the International school of advanced studies. The students can have the subjects of Physics and Mathematics in the institute.
  • Perugia University is famous for imparting education in medicine.
  • Politecnico di Torino offers long and short courses to the students and the students can learn various technical skills & it can add their experience.

How to apply visa for Italy:

  • The students have to drop application for grant of admission in their desired university, which is recognized in Italy.
  • The students should have valid passport to apply for visa and the validity period of passport should be six months at the time of sending the application forms.
  • The students have to provide four passport size photographs, with the white background.
  • The students attach the proof of scholarship, which may be awarded from the Italian government from the recognized foundations and cultural organizations, foreign governments or well-reputed universities. When the amount of scholarship meets the requirements of media support and economic resources, which can be provided with the testing of the media support to stay in Italy and it should not be less than the set amount, which is shown in the attached table to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

When the students get admission in any university in Italy, then it becomes very easy to get study visa and they have to apply for the scholarship program. The students must have the admission certificate with the application forms, which is submitted for the purpose and it is added with recent medical fitness certificate and they can also add financial report with it.

The students can fill the inquiry form for Italy and they need to attach the previous certificates of their education, which are pre-requisite for the higher education. The students should keep in their minds, that the study in Italy is free and they should avail this opportunity.

Study programs for free in Italy:

If any student gets the scholarship for study abroad to do study freely in Italy, then he can meet the expenses of accommodation, tuition fee, and other charges, which are also refunded by the concerned university.

When the students get the admission easily, then they should know follow the procedure of moving their application forms for visa and what is its procedure?

Documents Required:

  • Application form
  • One Passport size Photograph of the student
  • One blank page of Valid Passport of the student
  • Certificate for necessary funds, which are required for legal statement

List of Detailed documents for Student Visa:

  • Medical Insurance of the students for the period of stay
  • The students must present letter from the Italian educational institute, which can be addressed to Italian Consulate General, which approves the recognition of Visa application and it also clarified the details of the Italian language course with grammatical level and has other basic programs in the same discipline.
  • The students must present the allusion letter, which they get from the educational institute, which confirms the status of the applicant.
  • The students have to provide the guarantee of payment for the program, in which they study in the educational institute.
  • The students need to provide the evidence of housing with the address of the accommodation of the student.
  • The students must have to provide the proof of private family resources.
  • The documents showing the bank guarantee, need in Italy and the cheques of travelers are also needed to show the accessibility of income in Italy through bank transfer deposit from foreign country.
  • The students must have the declaration of accessibility in Italy with the necessary funds for exile. They can show the return plane ticket, which is necessary for one reservation shuttle guys.

Insurance for medical treatment and hospitalization to be proved by resources of:

  • Consular gives the certificate showing the right healthcare of the students and it is added with the manifestation with specific deals, which is carried out between Italy and origin country of the applicant. The students must have the insurance policy on the external relations, which is signed by the Italian organizations. It is included with restrictions on exceptions to fee rates, which are established in case of emergency medical treatment in the hospitals. It is optional, if the university offers the health insurance to the students.
  • Academic Records
  • The students can have FedEx with three copies of visa form and it is added with complete set of documents at a time.

Step 2: Preparation of DOV (Declaration of equal value)

  • The students must have prepared the DOV (Declaration of Equal Value) and it takes lot of time to complete.
  • The students need to complete the latest requirements of DEC for Jan 2012. It may be some modification in it in the coming years but the students can get done their confirmation from the Embassy.
  • The candidates have to provide the original and three copies of the bachelor or postgraduate degree of the students and it should be verified by the Higher Education Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also provide the translation in the Italian language.
  • The students must provide original record with three photocopies of the documents, which should be verified by the Higher Education Commission and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • The students must provide the original and three photocopies of the Higher Secondary School Certificate, which can be verified by IBCC and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and it should be translated in the Italian language.
  • The candidates must provide original and photocopy of the domicile certificate.
  • The students provide three photocopies of passport, which is duly signed by the holder of passport and it is also permitted by the Notary Public.
  • The students provide three photocopies of detailed programs of the last degree, which is delivered on university letterhead bearing the certified signature and the seal of the college and university.

Visa Validity:

The student visa for Italy is valid for three month to 1 year. When the students want to get it extended, they need to inquire from the embassy of the country of origin.

Time to issue the VISA for Italy:

The student visa for Italy is issued in two to five days. There can be variation in the days depending on the country of the origin.

Visa Fees: Visa fees is not received from the students to go Italy for study.

The detailed instructions and the guidelines have been issued to the students for the student visa for Italy. The students must read these instructions carefully before starting the process of student visa.

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