HP Launched Stream Laptops 2016


HP has released their best laptops in the market and these stream laptops are the best answer to Windows. If the company releases its new lineup for 2016, then the competition will be tough.

In the lineup of the laptop, you will find the laptops having 11 inch version, 14 inch version and 11 inch convertible. These laptops run on Windows 10, which are upgraded from Windows 8.1 and they are provided in the market with the last version.

These laptops are added with 1366 x 768 displays with their base versions and the clients can get 4GB DDR3L, SDRAM and the Intel Celeron N3060 processor and it is added with dual antenna having 2×2802.11 ac Wi-Fi. The life off the battery is up to 11 hours. These models are better equipped with WLED-backlit HD touch screen with anti glare. The non hybrid models of these laptops are provided in the market in blue, white and purple colors.

In this lineup, you can find the only hybrid of Stream x 360 and it can be used in tablet, laptops, standing or tent models. The touch screen is provided in 0.78 inch think and it tipped the scale at 2.98 pounds and it is made available in the special black version.

For the information of the customers, it is provided with the special stream 11 Pro and it is added with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB space configuration. The laptop Stream 11 is provided in the market at $200 and Stream 14 is provided at #220, which is at the price range of 22,000 to 26,000 for both models. The laptop Stream x 360 is the costly and it is provided at $250 which is approx Rs.27,000 but the customers will find it cheaper at $50 than their last generation.

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