IESCO Overbilling Customers


Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is serving the inflated electricity bills and the it was caused by the fault, which was occurred I the online system of IESCO. Thousands of the residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi organized the protest against the IESCO authority. It is said that due to this virus in the online system, IESCO sent the electricity bills to the domestic consumers into thousand rupees and their bills never surpass few hundred rupees.

Labour Class Overbilled Most

The electricity bills were prepared on basis of estimated consumption of units and huge number of complaints is received from the low paid government and private employees especially from the labor class. The residents of both cities protested if there was fault in online system of IESCO, then they the residents of these cities are punished. The protesting people asked the CEO to look into the matter and issue the electricity bills on actual consumption basis to withdraw or correct exorbitantly excessive bills.

Overbilling in Sui Southern and K-Electric

The residents of Karachi are also suffering with overbilling of their Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) and K-electric and the people of Karachi protested against this hike in the prices of the electricity and gas bills. SSGC has also added the extra charges under Passing Unregistered Gas and PUG is being used to improve the financial health of the company. There have been about 108,000 consumers, who have been overbilled by the SSGC from January to June 2017.

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