Implementation of European Traffic Rules in Mansehra


mansehra Traffic police

mansehra Traffic police


KPK police is going to create the awareness among the general public about the importance of traffic rules and their violations so that they can become responsible citizens of the country. KPK police has launched the European traffic rules systems to provide the licenses to the people in KPK province. The new Europe traffic rules system has been launched in Mansehra district to give awareness about the traffic violations. The authority will introduce the same traffic rules in other cities and regions of KPK.

According to new traffic system, the driving license will carry total 100 points and after committing of each violation by the license holder, 10 points will be deducted. It means one person can do only 10 traffic violations and his / her license will be cancelled. In order to get the license back to run the vehicle, one has to indulge in the Public Social Responsibility scheme in the laymen terms. He / she has to serve the society to get back the license.

The DPO Mansehra talked with media and he elaborated that the basic aim of the introducing of the new traffic rules system is to give the awareness about importance of traffic rules and the people should follow the traffic rules and regulations. The authority put forth different social work and one can take and after completion of the social work, they can get the traffic license reissued.

  • A citizen opts to plant 10 trees or work with Forestation Department for ten straight days.
  • Secondly, one opts to work with Town Municipal Administration to clean the city for ten days.
  • Lastly, if one wants to get license back, he has to work with traffic police of the town to help small children cross the road for ten days.

It is necessary to mention here that it is the first kind of initiative in Pakistan and it is indeed the great example for other provinces to follow in giving the awareness about the traffic rules and regulations.

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