Imran Khan Remains Fit During Ramadan


Lahore, When the holy month of Ramadan comes, most of the people eat too much in their sehri and iftari. They should know that it is the time of the year when physical training and healthy eating are likely to suffer and people like to eat the spicy things. Imran Khan is one of the fittest persons in Pakistan and he has his own way of regulating the diet and workout routine during this holy month.

Imran Khan said that Ramadan is the best time to detoxify and strengthen the endurance of the body. It is essential to workout in order to reap the complete benefits of fasting. The young people should remain fit and healthy as their body shows that they are disciplined and in control and he exercises more than the usual in Ramadan.

He went to gym one hour before iftar and walks about two miles before sehri. He eats enough yoghurt, fruits and eggs and he opens his fast with normal dinner meal.

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