In The Local Newspaper Whatsapp Take Out A Full Ad To Fight Fake News


Whatss app

Whatss app

Whatsapp is posting new ads in Pakistani newspaper to fight fake news and misinformation.

Whatsapp has now reached the local newspaper to fight against the fake news spreading on its platform and they have also published a full page ad on Pakistani newspaper t make people aware of it.

The title of the ad is together we can fight false information, this ad gives some tips to its reader to identify false news that people receive on whatsapp, for this reason the company added a new feature that labels the forwarded messages, so that he people can understand that the message has been written by the sender themselves or not.

Face book, whatsapp parent company, has already been trying to make its platform get rid of similar posts and they have been more active than before because of the upcoming elections, here are some tips, and we ourselves also advise the readers to stay vigilant about the pictures and messages they receive or share.

Whatss app together

Whatss app together


When the news gets to the social media it spreads quite quickly without knowing that the news is real or fake, so unless you don t know that its from a credible sources don t forward it. This will spread it more, because the people who are going to receive it from you will might think to share t with their friends as well.

Face book has been under fire for letting some Russian agencies to spread faux advertisement for political purposes. As the social network is a part of almost every single person, such posts have a bigger impact on the society than you can imagine.

Moreover its up to us to save our data and interactions. The internet is a quite big place full of scams and misinformation at  every corner, for finding credible articles and news we use our way for finding by going around the web pages and search engines, and we don t get caught up on untrue article.

As they say that everything you see on internet is not true, unless it is been posted by a credible news reporter.

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