Indian News Caster Reads News of Death of Her Husband


New Delhi, Newscasters have to read the pleasing and sad news on the daily basis but the Indian newscaster has to read the news of the death of her husband. It was the tragic news and the Indian news caster has to read the death news of her husband.

The newscaster of the local tv channel of Indian state, Chattisgarh, Sapreet Kaur has been telecasting the news for last 9 years. It was the tragic incident that she has to read the breaking news of the death of her husband and she kept her senses for 30 minutes and she read the news and she did not show any doubt to the viewers that she has lost her husband.

During the breaking news, the producer told her that she has to read the news of an accident and there is reporter on the telephone call to give the detail of the news. When she started reading the news, she thought that she is giving the news of the vehicle, her husband was also riding in that vehicle. She also asked the question from the reporter to give the names of the victims of the accident but he could not share the names of dead people but he verified that all three persons riding in the vehicle were died.


When she was reading the news, she was sure that her husband has also died. However, she kept her senses and she continued reading the news for next 20 minutes. When the bulletin was completed, then she came out of the studio and she called her family and it she was informed that her husband has been died.

The people associated with the press declare her the brave and courageous woman as she performed her duties professionally after being informed about the death of her husband. She did not get the viewers realized that she has lost her husband.


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