Indian Office Where Employees Work Wearing Helmet


Bihar, You saw the people wear the helmet, when they drive their motorbike. But there is a office in India, where the employees work wearing the helmet. You will be very surprised to know the reason of wearing the helmet during working hours.

The office has broken ceiling, hanging the electric wires on all sides and the dirty walls of the office, which is real in life and not part of any movie. This office is located in the North eastern state, Bihar of India, where the employees endanger their live when they work in this office. They have to wear the helmet to save their lives. The helpless employees of this office of India are facing many difficulties during their working hours.

According to India media reports, the employees working in the Aray Raj Block Office of Motihari district located in the North Eastern state, Bihar of India fear that the roof of the office can be fallen at any time and they try to save their lives. During the rainy season, the water comes into the office after tipping from the roof of the office. When the plaster is broken and it is fallen, various employees are injured. The employees wear the helmet and sit on their seats to avoid such incidents.

The employees said that their office is in very poor condition and their lives are in danger during their working hours. The municipalities department declared this place very deplorable place one year before and they issued the directives to transfer this office to any other place but it is not done so. To work in such place is to endanger their lives. It is their helplessness that the district administration is the silent spectator and they are waiting for any accident.

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