Internet cafés to install video surveillance


Karachi, The Government of Sindh has imposed the ban in the internet cafes under the provision of Section 144 (6) of the Code of Criminal Procedure, which operate the internet without proper video surveillance and recording system. The internet cafés will have to keep safe their recording for about one year. The owners of the internet cafes are instructed to get the copies of the computerized national identity cards of the users, with their cabin number and usage time.

The SHO of the relevant area are authorized to register the complaints under section 188 of Pakistan Panel Code in writing for violation of section 144 against the internet cafes, which are operating without provision of surveillance system and they also do not keep the record of the users properly. The SHO will issue the formal notice to the café operator to install the surveillance system and no complaint will be lodge before the expiry of 15 days of the issue of the notice.


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