Islamabad to get Amusement Park & Golf Course


Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is making plan to open the amusement park and golf course in Shakarparian, Islamabad. This park will be developed in an area of 25 acres with the help of the private company, Vega.

The managing director of PTDC said that Vega Modern Tourism Solutions will carry out the survey and they prepare the comprehensive report on possible areas of investment and the total amount, which will be required to complete such projects. The department of Information Technology, Vega said that they will develop the online reservation system for PTDC and it will allow the tourists to make the reservation through the website for the PTDC motels. The company will sponsor the Islamabad City Bus Tour to make the decoration of the park.

PTDC has carried out various investment projects through the public private partnership and the joint ventures in order to promote the local and foreign tourism in Pakistan. The MD PTDC said that they have launched various projects like City Tour Bus Service and makes the documentary films, set up new tourism projects and upgrades the existing facilities in Islamabad and other parts of the country.

He further added that the organization plans are made to increase the number of rooms, which are available at the current PTDC motels. Because of this reason, PTDC contacted the manufacturers of the prefabricated structures and the new rooms, which will be added in Ayubia, Naran and other prominent motels.

He emphasized that Pakistan can be ranked among the top tourist destinations in the world with the proper infrastructures is provided and the global reputation of the country is also improved. PTDC has made the plan to participate in international tourism and travel exhibitions by making the partnership with the provincial tourism organization, airliner, hoteliers and tour operators to enhance the foreign tourists to come to Pakistan.



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