Japan is to Build World Fastest Supercomputer By 2017


Japan plans to make the fastest supercomputer of the world in 2017. China has already made a fastest computer of the world five years before and now Japan is making plan to for fastest supercomputer of the world. It is reported that Artificial Intelligence Bridging Cloud Infrastructure will cost this project for $173 million and this project will be completed next year. When this project will be completed, ABCI will get the power of 130 petaflops and it is above 93 petaflops than the Sunway TaihuLight, which is the most powerful supercomputer of the world.

This supercomputer will be added with further research work and advancement in A, medical records (for the development of new services and applications), factory automation and self driving cars. Japan is facing the new issues like the lack of workforce and the stiffer competition from markets overseas at this time. The provision of new supercomputer will help them to face the new challenges in the better way.

The bidding of the project is carried on and it will be ended on 08 December and supercomputer will be manufactured soon and it will go online by 2018. This supercomputer will be made for the Japanese corporations freely.

The country holds about 27 of the 500 fastest supercomputers around the world and all of them run with Linux. The new computer will be prepared with the use of deep learning technology and it also imitates to the neural networks of human brain and it could help to accelerate the research work in AI.

Japan made the last fastest supercomputer in 2011 with the Fujitsu K Computer and it was added with 10.5 petaflops. But China and America overtook this supercomputer, prompting calls by the prime minister of the country for different sectors to work together and they can get the mantle.

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