JazzCash and Visa to Empower Millions Pakistanis with Visa Debit Cards


Mobilink is the leading mobile phone service providing company and it is introducing various new apps and facilities to its valued customers. The company has introduced the JazzCash, and they are working with the Mobilink Microfinance Bank to make the payments to the customers on the global level and this technology company has introduced Visa to offer the Visa Debit cards to its clients. This is the first in kind in country and it is working in line with Jazz brand for the digitizing of the products and services with the change in time and global industry practices.

The partnership has been made between them to enable the JazzCash to strengthen the Mobile Financial Services ecosystem to leverage the visa enabled merchant locations on the local and international levels. The move of these two companies ensures that the unbanked segment will not have access to the bank account with the use of their mobiles but the payment card will be accepted globally. VP Digital and Mobile Financial Services, Mobilink said about the partnership that they have linked Mobile Account service with Visa and now the company is moving to digitalize the daily financial needs of the customers in the reliable and convenient style. Now the company is increasing the mobile account customers quickly and also gives the access to the retail and online payments with the use of Visa Debit cards.

With the introduction of Visa debit cards, the customers will feel more convenience in dealing JazzCash and they can use their Mobile Account for different spending methods. The vision of Visa is to provide the best way to pay and to be paid to everyone at everywhere and it is the core responsibility of their business, which is consistently providing with the mission of getting global financial conclusion. The company has become the global payments technological company and it has done the most valuable contribution in helping the people to bring the formal financial system.

The Country Manager of Visa in Pakistan and Afghanistan said that they feel delighted by making partnership with JazzCash to give access to its consumers to fund in the safe and secure manner. The introduction of these new offerings show the commitment of JazzCash to bring its customers to the financial mainstream and find the unique ways to meet the evolving payment requirements of the increasing customer base. The clients can use visa debit cards for purchasing of goods and services and make the enable to manage their daily expenses.

There are about 50,000 retail outlets in Pakistan, which accept the use of Visa debit cards and JazzCash Mobile Account customers and all online merchants can accept visa cards and there are millions of the merchants, in about 200 countries across the world, who can accept this visa debit card. The mobile account customers can have additional use of this card and it also allowed JazzCash to introduce the loyalty offers for its clients to create alliances with their merchants.

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