Karachi UIT students develop robotic legs for disabled


A model for wearable robotic legs has been developed by three students of Usman Institute of Technology (UIT) that will make it possible for disabled persons to move on their own again.

Project leader Moutasim Abbasi told that this exoskeleton model is for paraplegics and they can restart their functions of walking, sitting and standing through this model. M Usman and Adil Hanif are the other two students participated in this project.

Associate Professor Engineer Raza Jafri was the supervisor of this project while this model was also presented at the Pakistan Auto Parts Show (PAPS) that was recently held in Karachi at Expo Center.

This battery-powered model runs with a motor and its complete cost for students was Rs. 150,000. 30 to 45 minutes is taken by a fully charged battery.

Adil told that wheelchairs and crutches will not be required for paraplegics after the introduction of this wearable exoskeleton.

According to details, major joints like ankles, hips and knees will be alternatively functioned by six motors attached to the system and they will position ankle, shank, thighs and upper body.

A person weighting 85 kg can be curled up by this exoskeleton while modification in motors, hydraulics and mechanical structures can increase this limit.

Moutasim also told that they are planning to commercialize this product at an affordable cost that will be available at very low cost as compared to such products in Berkeley and Japan.

Such projects can be beneficial for developing country like Pakistan in the field of bio technical tools.


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