KESC Duplicate Bill Print Online 2014


All the information relating to the consumption of the electricity for KESC has been provided online and the consumers can watch the KESC bill online. Now the consumers will not have to roaming in the offices of KESC and now they can switch on their computer systems and watch the electricity bills online. If the customers loose their electric bill, then they can also download it from there and get the duplicate copy of their electric bill & get it printed. Now the people will be pleased with this facility and they will enjoy this utility for the downloading of the electric bill. They can save the previous bill in their PDF file in the computer or can get the bill printed directly as your record.



Karachi is the big city with 2.2 million connections in this city. The people have to face many problems in settling their issues of the electric consumption or checking their bills. If there is any problem, then various days pass in settling the issue or meeting with the concerned staff. Now the consumers will check their electric bill and the present status of the consumption of their electricity and get it checked by the concerned staff. The consumers can also download their duplicate bill from the site and get it deposit in the bank. Here is KE duplicate bill online.

If KESC registers the consumers to get the duplicate KESC bill, then they will have to provide the account number of 13 digits, consumer number, email address and mobile number. After providing all these information, the consumers will be able to get the duplicate electric bill. The consumers will have to visit the website to check the KESC duplicate bill online.

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