Largest Global Virtual Incubator Supports PM Start Up Program by investing $100 Million


Idea Gist

Idea Gist

IdeaGist is the largest virtual incubator of the world, which has announced to invest the amount of $100 million to support the prime minster start up program. Previously, this company has announced to invest $55 million for this program and now it has been increased in support of the vision on entrepreneurship and innovation in the emerging technologies of the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan. Largest Global Virtual Incubator Supports PM Start Up Program by investing $100 Million.

The founder of the company said that the additional amount of $45 million would be invested in incubating and accelerating new ventures in the emerging technologies. The SBP has launched the subsidized financing program of Rs.100 billion for startups and small to medium enterprise in order to create the self employment and opportunities for others. The company invested the amount, which has created the commercial sense to invest the amount in the innovation ecosystem of Pakistan.

He said that Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Technology should find the creative ways of investing in the emerging technology ventures and they help to promote the culture of innovation. The company has already launched the accelerator and incubator program with seven key emerging technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence, intelligent vehicles, smart robots, augmented reality, blockchain and internet of things.

IdeaGist is the largest digital incubator of the world and it is the largest supporter of Prime Minister start-up program so it is going to establish 590 incubation and accelerators across the country.

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