Latest & Amazing Technological Inventions


Las Vegas, The Consumer Electronic show is conducted in USA every year and people around the world participated in this show. They visit this show and they get the enjoyment and show their pleasure after watching the latest and wonderful technological inventions and advancements.

In the biggest exhibition of the electronics tools and equipment, most of the household items are exhibited and their orders are accepted. This exhibition was conducted in Las Vegas like the previous year. The picture of this show is getting popular among the people. In this picture album, some of the best items and their details are provided here.

The Foldie Mat Company has made the robot laundry man, which folds the washed clothes layers after layers. In the electronics show being conducted in Las Vegas.

A company, ‘My Brain Technology’ has made this head to give mental relief and remove the tension, which is getting very popular.

The 3D printer is getting very popular among the people and the Douncy Company has prepared this 3D printer, which is less expensive and it prepares different kinds of things.

The small boxes, which look like the CES are filled with fragrances of different kind. You give the signal through the app and your favorite fragrance will give good smell to your room or the office.


Toyota Company has developed a latest and modern van, which can be changed into a moving hospital, shop of office.

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