LiFi Technology 100 Times Faster than WiFi


Wi-Fi got the tremendous success in Pakistan and now Li-Fi has replaced it, as it is super fast alternative and move from the research labs to the real world. An Estonian has implemented this technology within the commercial context. Now the finalist of Slush 100 startup competition present in Helsinki revealed that this technology could be used in the offices and in the industrial environments present in Tallinn.

Velmenni uses the latest and new technology of Li-Fi and it is used in the pilots to send the data amounting to 1 GB per second. The speed of this technology is about 100 times faster that the Wi-Fi technology and now the high definition film can be downloaded in few second with its tremendous speed.

The CEO of Velmenni, Deepak Solanki said that they are undertaking few pilot projects in various industrial segments to use VLC (visible light communication) technology and now they have designed the latest and unique lighting solution for the industrial sector to communicate the data through light. The company has also done an agreement with a private client to set up the Li-Fi network and it will give the access on the internet in the office.

In the initial stages, it is possible that Li-Fi may not replace Wi-Fi but the launching of this technology can be used for the creation of the efficient network and work parallel to last technology, Wi-Fi. He further added that the launching of the Li-Fi technology depends on the success of these pilot projects, which are started in different industrial sectors and it will take three to four years to complete this project for the launching of Li-Fi technology and people can use the internet with the light bulbs in their home.

Before Li-Fi is adopted by huge number of people, the necessary techniques should be developed for the preparation and development of retrofit current devices. He further added that it would be very difficult to create the new infrastructure for Li-Fi and they need to integrate it with the system.

Prof Harald Haas of University of Edinburgh is the inventor of the Li-Fi technology and he already claimed that every LED light bulb could be used as the ultra face technology against Wi-Fi. While talking he described the technology with detail and he said that the current infrastructure is suitable for integration of the latest technology, Li-Fi.

He further said that the small microchip is the potential illumination device and it will be used with the combination of two basic functionalities including wireless data transmission and illumination. In the future, there would be no 14 billion light bulbs but there would be 14 billion Li-Fis across the globe and they will provide clean, green and even bright future to people.

LiFi Technology 100 Times Faster than WiFi

LiFi Technology 100 Times Faster than WiFi

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