Longest Spinning Top Sets New Record Spun for 27 Hours




Canada, Guinness Book of world records gave the certificate to the longest spinning top and said the LIMBO is the longest spinning electric top of the world, which spun for 27 hours, 9 minutes and 24 seconds and it has set the world record.


Spinning Machine

It has the normal look but this top is equipped with latest mechanical system, which spins it for many hours without any break. There are many mechanical parts, which can make its rotation system possible. It is added with fly wheel motor and the latest motion sensors are added in it. The rechargeable small battery keeps LIMBO consecutively balanced so that it moves in even way. This is the reason, this top stops after long time and spins consecutively.

latto record

Spinning Record

It has the accelerometer, which can help the top to move, when it is going to slow and in this way, the motion of LIMBO is continued with the power of motor. A member of the team making it said that LIMBO learns the best strategy during its motion and it works for long time by spending less energy. There is special software and it also moves over fruits and tomato because it corrects itself on the uneven surface.

To move this small top for many hours, the weight of this top is reduced to 16 gram and the whole mechanical and electronic system is packed in the three square cm and at the end of this year, the trade production of this top will be started and you can buy it for 5000 rupees.

You can buy the LIMBO and spins at the night time and you will see that it will be spinning when you wake up in the morning.

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