Machine Dries Clothes with Ultrasound


Tennessee, The American engineers have invented such a machine, which can dry the clothes with the help of ultrasound. This machine can dry the clothes in half time and with less usage of electricity in comparison to the traditional dryer machine.

The two prototypes of the ultrasonic dryer were prepared in the Oakridge national laboratory of US Department of Energy under the head of Iran fame engineer, Ayub Mehdi Zada Momin after carrying out the research work of two years and this dryer machine will e provided in the market for sale in next three years.

The layer of the sound having so high frequency, which human ear cannot hear, they are called ‘ultrasound’ or the ultrasonic waves. They are used in the ultrasound machine for the medical diagnosis and they can also change water into steam due to their tremendous vibrations and this is the practical experiment of the ultrasonic dryer.

The small piezoelectric Trans devices are added in it and when electricity is passed through them, they started vibration tremendously and they emit ultrasound (ultrasonic waves). When these tremendous waves reach to their nearest water, they can change water into steam in few seconds.  If this water is part of any wet cloth, then this wet cloth will get dry in very short time.  The experiments, which were carried out last year, such a trans device got dried the wet cloth in 20 seconds and during this whole process, it did not get warm.

This work is taking forward and such proto type ultrasonic dryers are made, one of them is looking like the front loading machine, which get dried the clothes after swinging them. This will make the part of any modern automatic washing machine so that these clothes can be washed and they can also be got dried.

Ayub Momin is hopeful that this ultrasonic dryer will be available for 500 dollars in next few years and when it is available in the market, then it will help to save $9 billion annually (95 billion Pakistani rupees).



Machine Dries Clothes with Ultrasound

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