Machine to Convert Humidity in Drinking water


An Israeli company has prepared a machine which cools humidity in air and converts it in to clean drinking water.

This machine, prepared by a company ‘Water Jane’, is based on a simple and basic scientific fact known as ‘condensation’. It is taught in school that water is converted in gas by heating and water vapors change in to water after cooling down. Due to this reason, water drops appear in glass of cold water. This machine also works on the same rule.

The system present in the machine pulls the nearby air inside it and converts the water vapors in water by cooling it down and then this clean water is stored in the machine which can be taken out if required. In far flung areas, this machine can also be run with solar energy.

This machine is especially useful for those areas which are dry but where humidity level remains high in most of the part of year. This includes few countries of Latin America, South and Southeast Asia and Africa. So far, this machine is widely experimented in Mumbai, Chinghai and Mexico City.

Different designs and sizes of this machine are available. If humidity in air is 80% with 27 degree centigrade temperature then its biggest design can make 3122 liters of water in a day. In these favorable conditions, a machine with average size can make 446 liters of water while the smallest machine can make 15 liters of water through condensation.

Keeping in mind the current international prices of electricity, this machine by “Water Jane” can prepare water of 3.7 liters in just 10 rupees.



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