Matte Solar Panels for Extra Electricity Production


Matte Solar Panels

Matte Solar Panels

The experts in Osaka University in Japan have prepared solar panels with rough surface with a special technique and about which they say that their preparation on commercial basis in the future will not only be affordable but they will also perform several times better as compared to the current solar panels.

The better performance of these solar panels means that more electricity can be produced with panels of lesser area. The rule of producing more electricity from rough solar panels is quite simple. Level surface reflect more light while rough surface has more ability to absorb light.

The performance of any solar panel depends not only on its material but also on its ability to absorb light because it will be able to make as much electricity as much it will be able to absorb light. Due to this, a special type of coating is always required for solar cells to make them absorb more light.

Considering this, the experts of Osaka University prepared a solar cell with pure silicon and increased small bloats of micrometer size on its front and rear sides. In the past, the same research group of experts has prepared solar cell of extreme black silicon which are better than contemporary cells in performance and they are trying to prepare them according to commercial demand.

While moving their success ahead, the team has now added micro bloats on these ultra black solar cells. Due to this change, now there is no need for expensive additional coating in solar cells. These cells have performed very well during experiments.

The experts are hopeful that these solar cells will improve the preparation of solar energy from solar light and bring it to the level of other energy resources.

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