Men can Marry with Cartoon Bride


Tokyo, The Japanese Company has made the video game based on love and romance. With the use of this video game, they can marry with the cartoon bride in their real life, which is very interesting.

The name of this game is ‘Nitzoma Lovely Cation’, which is declared the simulator of the combination of love and mix up. There are three virtual girls or female characters and you can get marry with them. One of the girls has long and black hair, second has grey and small and third one has blonde hair.

If you want to make them real, the groom can get marry with these virtual brides in any real church and you can talk with her through the virtual reality through their computer. This game will be launched on 28 April and the wedding ceremony will be conducted on 30 June but he place of marry is kept secret. The company said that most of the people will try to get married with these virtual girls.

The men will wear the special tuxedo dress and he will be given the virtual reality headset. He will wear it and watch their awaited brides and the real men will say ‘accept her’ and she will also say, ‘accept him’.

It is to be clear that Japanese made the robots their friends on the computer. They take care of the virtual animals in the name of Tama Goochi. The psychiatrists said that the Japanese hate the people and they rely on the machines and robots. So this video game will get extraordinary popular among them.

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