Microsoft to Buy LinkedIn for $26 Billion


Microsoft has made plan to buy the better companies like LinkedIn and it will become in good position to create better jobs for the young IT specialists.

The company has started its negotiations with the IT Company and it has made some better and definitive agreement with Microsoft will get LinkedIn for $196 per share, which is 30% more the market value of $131 and it is done in all cash transaction having value of $26.2 billion. The company has issued the official press release and this transaction has unanimously approved by the Board of Directors of the IT companies including LinkedIn and Microsoft and the deal of these two companies is expected to be closed by the end of this year.

It is also declared that Jeff Weiner will remain the CEO of the IT company, LinkedIn and now he will report to his new boss in Microsoft, Satya Nadella. The other positions in LinkedIn will also remain unchanged in which Reid Hoffman will remain chairman of board, and controlling shareholder and co-founder of the company and both these people will support this transaction.

Nadella also said that the team of LinkedIn has grown the fantastic business and they have done their work to connect the professionals of the world. He hoped that they can grow LinkedIn with their consistent growth and with the Microsoft Office 365and Dynamic to empower all of every person and the organizations all across the world.

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