Mobilink Announces HD Voice Calling Facility for its Customers


HD Voice facility will now be available to all the Mobilink customers on 3 G network, according to announcement by Mobilink today. The Mobilink customers will receive absolutely clear phone calls through this feature.

Mobilink Head of Marketing Asif Aziz said that HD Voice will deliver best quality calls to their customers that will increase the end-user experience for their customers and this step will further improve the 3G network experience of Mobilink.

Mobilink CTO, Khalid Shahzad said that when a Mobilink customer with HD Voice compatible smrtphone is in the range of 3G network of Mobilink while HD voice compatible smartphone is also available to the customer at other end then the service will be activated automatically. Since the launch of mobile services in Pakistan, this service will enable the greatest improvement in voice communications.

For some time, Mobilink had been testing HD voice in few selected areas while its availability on their entire 3G network was announced by Mobilink just now.

The Telco tells that HD voice filters background noise often heard during regular call and thus enables a crystal clear and high quality voice calls. This makes conversations more clear and natural as it transmits human voice spectrum a bit more.

HD voice will reduce environmental impact by contributing in raising productivity and reduction in business travel and is much better for conference calls. The fatigue usually felt during long conference calls can be reduced by these calls which are much easier to understand and quite clearer.

Mobilink HD Voice Calling

Mobilink HD Voice Calling


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