Most Populated Island Comprising of Cabana


Nairobi, There is small island, ‘Migingo’ in the famous Victoria lake in Kenya, which is called the most populated island of the world. This island has the size less than a football ground, which is about 0.49 acre. About 1000 people live on this island and they are very poor people. This island is comprised of the tin cabanas and it shows the scene of any slum and it is declared the island having maximum inhabitants. This island is called a place covered with iron but the history of this island is not cleared. It is said that two fishermen of Kenya arrived at this Island in 1991 and they made their home on this island. After that their whole family shifted at this island and now this island is full with people.

Some people said that a fisherman, Joseph Ansubaga of Uganda came here first and his other fishermen friends also came here to have dwelling on this island. This place is filled with fishes and the people of Kenya and Uganda claim on this island.

Technically, this island is located in Kenya but Uganda insisted that Kenyans catch fishes from their waters. There were the skirmishes in their matters in 2008 and an incident was taken place here, which is called the shortest war of Africa. Uganda sent its army and they evicted the Kenyan people from the island. Then both the countries signed a treaty in 2016 and now the fishermen of Kenya and Uganda live there together and both the countries received their taxes. Te police is also there to keep away the pirates and thieves.

There were only 131 men populated on this island and now they became 1000 people the arrival of people is continued on this island. It is very strange that there is another island, ‘Yousingho’, which is bigger than this island and it is still unpopulated. This island, Yousingho is located at few meters from this island. Nobody is ready to go and live there and there is a story very common among these people that any evil spirit lives there but they did not find any proof of this story and people live in Migingo stuck with each other. Due to fishing on this island, the number of fishes is decreasing on this island very quickly.

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