Most Viewed YouTube Videos in Pakistan Gender & Age Groups


There are different tools of internet, which are used for good and bad. With the start of the data analyzing tools and trends, the people can determine the kind of the contents, which are popular among the people in different segments of society.

YouTube is the largest video streaming service around the world and it offers the videos, which are trending in different countries. They also broke out the viewing habits of the Pakistani users of YouTube.

  • Their gender – male or female
  • Their age group
    • 13-17 years
    • 18-24 years
    • 25-34 years
    • 35-44 years
    • 45-54 years
    • 55-64 years
    • 65+ years

The people can view these categories to look at the video viewing habits of different age group from the teens to the senior citizens. The data scientists and the social workers can check the latest trends on YouTube, which is provided with their conclusions.

But they do not find the trend of the YouTube video, which are provided online viewing preferences of the men and women living in Pakistan. We have to think over them in the four different categories for the readers.

What is Popular with Both Men and Women?

The people can know that Pakistani people like to watch their dramas. They can watch that the latest episodes of the drama serials, Mann Mayal and Udaari are on top 10 for both men and women and they are also found in all age groups.

They can also watch top 10 tends are the music videos, which are taken from Bollywood and they are also very popular along the viewers.

What Sort of Content is Popular with Men?

We can find one thing out of the way and Pakistani men take interest in the explicit videos especially on YouTube. The data and the number of people on YouTube do not show good position. They cannot suitable to mention and these contents are liked by the men online in Pakistan. The older people in Pakistan like to watch the explicit videos on YouTube. They are less techy with modern technology than the people of other age groups.

What Sort of Content is Popular with Women?

The number of the people, who watch the explicit content on YouTube among Pakistani women is lesser than the men. They also like to watch the award ceremonies like Bollywood and they watch in great numbers.

It is wonderful that most of the women of Pakistan like to watch pranks or the hit horror movie, Annabelle.

Concluding Thoughts

The people can think that YouTube videos are popular among the men and women of different age groups. It is wonderful to know that Pakistani public wants to watch different things like:

  • Bollywood songs and award ceremonies
  • Pakistani dramas
  • Anabelle
  • Explicit content

The people should not be surprised over the preferences of the video content and most of the contents are same among all age groups and genders and more variety of the contents should be discussed there.

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