Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Online Home Jobs Fraud


You‘d know that there are legitimate MLM businesses based on agents selling services or products if you have learned about the network marketing.

But when the ladder-climbing or pyramid becomes more important than selling the actual product then it is a big problem in MLMs.

If the MLM business only about bringing new workers instead of selling products then it may be considered as a pyramid scheme by Federal Trade Commission. This will not only make you lost your money but you may also be given penalty of fraud.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Online Home Jobs Fraud

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Online Home Jobs Fraud

Recently, we saw an MLM scam: one MLM company was selling their free product in an advertisement. However, it was written in small words that the price you pay to purchase this product will be lower than the bonuses and commissions you earn from this and that’s how it’s free. You can himself understand that whether it is free to you or not?

Read more detail about work at work at home scams here:

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