Mysterious Tree Kill Birds


Victoria, Canada, There is tree found in the islands of Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, which kills the birds sit on its branches. This tree catches the birds with the seeds covered with sticking liquid and fall them down and after that these birds were killed.

The scientists carried on research work on this tree but they did not find why this tree does so because there is no advantage of this technique apparently. It is not new that the seeds of most of the trees stick with the feet of the birds and they carry these seeds to the far off areas and in this way, the growth of these tree is started in the new areas. Most of the trees do so. But there is one type of tree, Pisonia, which releases the sticky liquid and it sticks with the body of the bird like glue. When this liquid is stuck with the body of the birds, the seeds of the tree, Pisonia are also attached with it, which have anchored shape. As soon as any bird sits over it, these seeds are stuck with its claws and they have so much weight for the small body bird than it cannot fly and it is died there. Sometimes, the tree shed the branch on which the bird was sitting and the helpless bird falls on the ground and it died there.

The biologists conducted the research work on it but they could not analyze the strange condition of this tree but they say that there is any mistake in the evolutionary process in the growth of the tree and the tree catches the birds after sticking them with it and kill them and there is no benefit to this tree.





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